Our technology helps your customers feel part of their claim, giving them a variety of channels to access claim information – simple, transparent, real-time communication that puts them at ease.

And by automating simple processes and repeatable tasks, our technology frees up our team to focus on your customer.

Regardless of your policy admin or existing claims admin systems, our cloud-based technology avoids legacy issues through easy API integration.

Automated claims

Self-service options for customers to access their claim information via various devices


Live video streaming

Live video streaming app to connect to customers and see damage in real-time for faster FNOL and triage.

Anytime customer sentiment

Customer sentiment is captured at key claim stages so we can connect to the emotion of your customer and respond immediately.

Personal claim portal

Claim portal for your customers to login and track their claim status and next steps required.

Automated claim updates

A claim is updated after each step, avoiding nasty surprises and potential escalations.

Claim analytics & reporting

Deep dive into your claim performance from a customer experience, cost and lifecycle perspective.

KPI & SLA management

Measure and compare supplier and overall claim performance against predefined KPI’s and SLA’s.

Vendor management & tendering

Digitise vendor management with supplier setup, competitive tendering, digital contracts and capacity management.

Claim activity dashboards

Use automated smart tasks and claim watches to keep claims on track and provide a better service outcome.

Catastrophe management

Proactively plan for a CAT event before it hits, automating the claim notification process using storm geofencing.

Sales & partnership enquiries

Jeff Pryde, Country Head - NZ