About us 

Who we are

Insurx is a customer-first TPA driven by leading-edge technology.

Our claim management service is focused on providing more visibility and better communication to provide a connected claim experience for everyone in a claim.


What we do

We manage claims from start to finish on behalf of insurers, underwriters, brokers and fleet managers. This includes property, motor and business SME claims.

We connect insurance knowledge, technology and repair expertise all under one roof for an end-to-end customer experience.

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Our philosophy

As a customer-first claim service, we empower our people to focus on your customer as their number one priority – building the relationship, guiding them through the process and keeping the claim moving. It’s not just about our insurance expertise – it’s about walking in the customer’s shoes, showing empathy and finding a way to accept their claim fairly in line with their policy.

And by automating simple processes and repeatable tasks, our leading-edge technology frees up our team to focus on your customer.

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X is for experience

Our mission is to create a more connected experience for all parties in a claim, through more visibility and better communication. We put the customer at the centre of their claim and we manage the claim process, creating a simpler, connected experience that gets them back to normal faster – with less interruption, fewer hand-offs and more simplicity.

But it’s not just about the customer – we want to make every claim experience a positive one for the broker and insurer as well!


Who we work for

We provide claims management services on behalf of insurers, underwriters, brokers, self-insured businesses and fleet managers.


Our head office is located in Takapuna, Auckland.

Our executive team


Jeff Pryde Insurx TPA
Jeff Pryde  Country Head – New Zealand

Jeff Pryde was appointed Country Head – New Zealand in November 2018.

Jeff has more than 34 years of experience working in the insurance industry both locally and globally. He has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in management roles, loss adjusting, catastrophe management (CAT) and client development.

Previously Jeff was second-in-charge for Crawford New Zealand. During his eight-year tenure, he was responsible for CAT management for both the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes and several other significant events, while maintaining business relationships and development opportunities within the New Zealand insurance market.

Qualifications – ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), ACLA.

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Kyle Mckean  Operations Manager

Kyle Mckean was appointed Operations Manager of Insurx NZ in March 2020.

Kyle has a wealth of experience in the motor, liability, travel and commercial motor sector in New Zealand, with prior experience including roles as Settlement Specialist, Domestic Earthquake Senior Claims Consultant, and he has also worked for the Earthquake Commission EQC.

Kyle is responsible for the overall service delivery of Insurx New Zealand. He is committed to ensuring the delivery of a cost-effective, professional and customer-focused claims service.

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Sales & partnership enquiries

Jeff Pryde, Country Head - NZ